Government Affairs Update

Virginia Troi Hicks, Joint Government Affairs Director

Government Affairs Local Update – Sept. 20

From the Desk of Troi Hicks
Joint Government Affairs Director 

 UDO 283: This zoning text amendment would allow residential building, townhouse and residential building, multifamily in the HB and GO zoning districts. The amendment was discussed and voted on at the 9/11 Winston-Salem Community Development/Housing/General Government Committee (CDHGG) meeting. The Committee voted to support multifamily development in HB, but not in GO. This recommendation will appear before full Council at a later date.

Potential Vacancy on Winston-Salem City Council: Councilman Derwin Montgomery (East Ward) has been selected by the Forsyth County Democratic Party to replace Ed Hanes’ for election to the NC House. Once Montgomery resigns, a nominations process will begin- representatives from the Forsyth County Democratic Party in the East Ward will nominate individuals that the City Council will appoint from. On September 4, the Winston-Salem City Council discussed a potential request to the General Assembly to pass legislation changing the special elections process in the event of future vacancies on the Council. This matter will be handled through the Community Development/Housing/General Government Committee in coming months.

Forsyth County Sales Tax Referendum: This November, Forsyth County residents will vote on a proposed quarter-cent sales tax increase. Revenue from the sales tax will pay for the Forsyth County Hall of Justice project, and non-prepared grocery items and gasoline will be exempt from the tax. If the sales tax increase does not pass, the County has said they will have to raise property taxes 3.1 cents in 2019. If passed, the sales tax will not take effect until April 2019. The referendum will appear on the ballot in the following manner:

“[ ] FOR      [ ] AGAINST

Local sales and use tax at the rate of one-quarter percent (0.25%) in addition to all other State and local sales and use taxes.”

More information about the sales tax can be found on THIS brochure.

Winston-Salem Bond Referendum: Winston-Salem residents will vote on 5 different bond packages in the following categories: Streets and Sidewalks, Parks and Recreation, Public Safety Facilities, Economic Development, and Housing. For more information about specific projects, click here.