Membership Process

HBAWS Annual Membership

Steps in the Membership Application Process

  1. Complete Application
  2. Staff reviews application, processes payment
  3. A list of applicants is distributed via e-mail to the HBAWS membership
  4. The list of applicants is read at the monthly Board of Directors meeting for approval
  5. Applicant, if approved by Board of Directors, becomes member of HBAWS

Estimated time for process: One month

A letter of approval will be sent to the applicant following the successful completion of the application process. During the process you will receive information regarding, and be able to participate in, various HBAWS events.

Application for membership – Join or Renew [$550]

Printable Form:    Membership Application – $550:  Membership_ Application – 2018

Membership with Home Builders Association of Winston-SalemComplete the following online application to begin the membership process.

HBAWS Membership Application

Join / Renew Membership in Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem
  • To become an affiliate member, your company must be either a Builder or Associate Member of the Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem.
  • Affiliate Members - Must be an employee of a Member Company. Affiliate Members pay $75 and will be included in both printed and online directories, as well as receive HBAWS updates via email.
  • Builder Applicants ONLY for this section

    Builder members of the Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem must have a North Carolina General Contractors License.
  • Business Information - All Applicants

  • Trade Credit References

  • Certification of Information

    I agree to abide by the Constitution, Bylaws and Code of Ethics of the Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem, Inc., the National Association of Home builders and the North Carolina Home Builders Association. A remittance of $550.00, representing my annual dues in these associations, accompanies this application. I realize that dues payable to the Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem, Inc. are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes. However, dues payments may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses, subject to an exclusion of lobbying expenses ($62.12 of your 2018 HBA dues are not deductible for annual income tax purposes). In addition to the above, the signing of this application acknowledges that the applicant grants to the Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem, Inc., permission to investigate the credit of the applicant. The applicant also acknowledges that approval of membership by the Board of Directors is contingent on the information provided on this application. Should any information detailed on this application change during the period of membership, the applicant must advise the association of the changes in writing. The applicant certifies the information on this application is correct as of the date of filing.
  • The sponsor has been contacted and has agreed to be my sponsor. If no sponsor is known HBAWS will appoint one.
  • Call 336-768-5942 to make payment via credit card or arrange to be invoiced.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Membership Payment Plan options:

Payment Option 1: Builder & Associate 1st Payment $280.00 2nd Payment $280.00
New Members or Renewing Members

Payment Option 2: Builder or Associate 6 payments at $ 100.00 (Credit Card Only)
Renewing Members

Payment Option 3: Builder or Associate 12 payments at $ 50.00 (Credit Card Only)
Renewing Members

To sign up for a payment plan, print and complete form: Membership Dues – Payment Plan

Fax completed form to: 336.774.6778  [Questions? Call: 336.768.5942

Affiliate memberships – $75:  Affiliate_Membership_Application – 2018

Affiliates remain members as long as the annual dues of $75.00 are paid and the parent company stays a current member. Annual dues are divided and a portion goes to NAHB and NCHBA.

Affiliate Memberships will not take away from any existing dependent member services, but will only add value of membership and marketing opportunities for the Affiliates.

Individuals under a HBAWS member company can be recognized as an Affiliate Member to gain added exposure. They will receive our weekly eNews, special event mailings, directory listing (online and hard copy), in addition to being recognized as a member by NCHBA and NAHB.

Affiliates remain members as long as the annual dues of $75.00 are paid and the parent company stays a current member. Annual dues are divided and a portion goes to NAHB and NCHBA.