The Power of PWB

Power of PWB The Winston-Salem, North Carolina chapter of Professional Women in Building support local women serving in various ways in the community.

In the fall of 2019, PWB W-S makes a bold presence at the Construction Career Days expo for local high school students. Our booth attracts young women who have an eye for design and who would like to in those moments put together a possible layout for a blank space. PWB W-S affirms their vision and helps them think outside of a traditional box and inside their own ideas.Pearls of Wisdom.

In January 2020, PWB of Winston-Salem, North Carolina began working on “Connecting the Dots” in the community. This time during our monthly meetings is filled with many things: what’s going on in people’s lives, needs around the community that folks may know about, other local organizations that may need partnering with, new women in the industry we need to reach out to, community involvement opportunities, etc. This has been a fruitful experience in just two months.

The woman of PWB are working together to help this child in need. Women around the table shared how their businesses would provide things for a new house build that a local business has committed to for this young man. PWB W-S is connecting the dots!

“The woman of PWB are working together to help this child in need”