Dispute Resolution

Consumer Complaints

Vendor and Consumer Complaints happen infrequently. This occurs typically when communications are not clear or have been suspended. Any disputes by vendors or consumers or other third-party complainants, involving a member or members, shall be submitted to the Better Business Bureau for resolution through its Dispute Resolution Process then in effect. No complaint shall be considered unless it is filed with the association within three years of the date of the transaction, completion of construction or closing of the dwelling which is the subject of the complaint. This provision shall apply only for the initial purchaser from the member.

Any member who fails to comply with a mediation agreement or the findings of arbitration conducted will have their membership terminated.

Dispute Resolution – BBB, 3rd party contract with HBAWS

BBB offers three major dispute resolution options.


The BBB staff helps the customer and business communicate so they can resolve their dispute informally. BBB staff will provide information about the complaint to the company and pass along offers made by either side to solve the problem. They can effectively present the customer’s views to the business and offer the business’ viewpoint to the customer in a neutral way. Conciliation, which usually occurs by telephone or mail, frequently settles the matter simply and quickly.


In BBB mediation, a professionally trained mediator meets with the parties and guides them in working out their own mutually agreeable solutions. During the confidential mediation session, the BBB mediator clarifies and reframes problems and helps the two sides talk with each other and discuss solutions. Mediators don’t decide who is right or wrong. Instead, they help people reach a solution on their own-one that works best for them.


In BBB arbitration, the parties state their views at an arbitration hearing, offer evidence, and let an impartial third party from the Bureau’s pool of arbitrators make the decision that will end the dispute. The arbitrator is trained to listen to both sides and weigh the evidence presented at the hearing. The arbitrator will make a decision about the dispute after the hearing is over. BBB arbitrator is a fast and inexpensive way to settle a problem and keep it out of court.