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Why should you give to NC Build-PAC

We save you money on each house you build and market!
Some of the major accomplishments:

These items save our builders and their team MONEY and TIME!

NC Build-PAC is our way of working together to fund candidates that support these types of issues.

How long would it take to build a house if inspections were taking 8 business days? (It happened in the Triangle.)

How much would sales tax on labor cost per new home? ($5,000 on average per house).

How much money do building companies save with the builder inventory exemption on property tax?  (One company saved over $500,000 last year!)

Give today and give generously!  Your livelihood depends on it.

– Mike Carpenter, NCHBA

Message from the Chairperson

Dear HBAWS Members,

On behalf of the NC Build PAC Committee, I would like to thank you for your support of housing during a difficult year in 2020!!!

Whether your candidate of choice is successful or not, most of the candidates that support housing made it through the election and we are so thankful they did!!!

To continue to support our elected officials locally, and at the state level we need to continue to raise NC Build PAC funds. 

Here is a testimonial from one of our local builders, Jeff Zenger of Lewisville.

Just wanted to let you know that the state HBA was huge in helping me win in NC house 74 race. It is important that our members know that  the state HBA is working on their behalf. The NCHBA did many mailers for me without my knowledge that really helped get my name out there. My daughter turned 18 this year and so we got them all at the house. Members electing members. That is a great thing. 


 Jeff Zenger

Lisha Construction
6614 Shallowford Rd., Suite 200 | Lewisville, NC 27023


Our goal for 2021 is $11,000 and we have to reach this goal in support of this year’s NCHBA President, our own Michael Enscore. 

Also, for every $1.00 raised for PAC 25% of this goes to our local reserve for candidates that we want to support locally.

But without ALL of our members’ support, we can’t replenish our reserves each year.

Please help us reach this year’s goal with a pledge to NC Build PAC and support the industry that supports you!!!

Kathy Craven Snodgrass,
NC Build-PAC Chairperson


Every dollar counts and goes to help support our industry, so please donate!

I want to personally thank all members that contribute to NC Build-PAC. As a member of HBAWS, I am asking you to help protect the American dream of homeownership with your continual support of NC Build-PAC. Your contributions help ensure our industry’s well-being and security.

NC Build-PAC is the state political action committee
NC BUILD-PAC is the state political action committee of the North Carolina Home Builders Association. NC BUILD-PAC capitalizes on member contributions to help elect pro-housing candidates to statewide office, the NC General Assembly, judicial office as well as local office. Recognized as one of the most influential PACs in the state, NC BUILD-PAC gives HBAWS a powerful voice in state and local government. NC Build-PAC is non-partisan. We support candidates who support housing.
We identify and support candidates with a demonstrated commitment to:
NC Build-PAC is as important to your business today as to your ability to do business tomorrow!

Committee Chair:
Kathy Craven Snodgrass, Piedmont Natural Gas
HBAWS NC Build-PAC Chair